KCPR Radio Alumni: Links to Other Sites

  • KCPR - the station's website
  • Wikipedia entry about KCPR - Wikipedia entries can be edited by almost anyone, and not everyone will agree about their accuracy.
  • Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts - (should eventually be a link to Terry's article with a History of KCPR)
  • 93/KHJ: Boss Radio Forever - History of 1965 Los Angeles rock and roll radio station 93/KHJ and its impact. By Woody Goulart, a KCPR alum who worked for Bill Drake and Gene Chenault in Los Angeles.
  • ReelRadio - airchecks and personalities in the golden days of Top 40 radio in the US.
  • KRUD Radio site - the dark side of commercial radio.
  • Polylink - Cal Poly's free, private online community for alumni. Stop by, fill out the First Time login form if it's your first visit, and join in the fun.
  • KCPR's 1970's PolyLink Site - Uncle Al's Corner on Polylink (requires membership to join, but you can always drop in for a look).

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