2010 Reunion Info

KCPR Alumni 2010 Reunion

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The Q-Crew has been hard at work insuring a super fun time: 12noon at Cuesta Park on Sept 25th!!

We've got the Toyon area reserved that we'll set up for lunch We've got a great catered tri-tip and chicken lunch on tap by SLO's famous Rib Line

We've got super great munchies lined up: including chips, fresh salsa etc. We'll have cups and ice available for your favorite beverage We'll have bottled water available for those with hangovers from Friday nite We'll have FANTASTIC tunes, thanks to Patty Dee! We'll even feed some starving student KCPR exec types (ah yes, remember free food as a student??) You bring your drink of your choice, as alcohol is allowed in the park.

Cost: only $25.00 per person for mucho munchies and BBQ lunch, (menu: Tri-Tip & Chicken, plus salads, baked beans, garlic bread and corn bread (with honey butter--yum!).


We need to get $$ to the caterer ahead of time. Please either: 1) Contact Cathy Dausman (email: edausman AT dausman.org) and arrange to send her your check for lunch (and T-shirt(s) $12 each, if ordered) OR 2) Use Paypal to pay, using edausman AT dausman.org as the person you're sending the money to. The PayPal route will cost $$ to use, however, and we request you pick up the tab for the transaction fee (which is an option when you use PayPal).

Some Background: It took us a bunch of time to look at the costs of doing it ourselves or having it catered, then negotiating the price which included a meeting in SLO. Given that most of us are also traveling from out of town, we found the catering route was most effective plus, after seemingly endless negotiations, we finally got a cool lunch at a good price from Rib Line (food is great too). This way there will still be some set up/clean up, but Rib Line will handle the heavy lifting for food prep, and cooking. The good price is based on full paid participation by all attendees so we're counting on everybody to be there.

Excess funds will be donated to the Frank Calabrese Memorial Scholarship Fund.

So, get your money in to Cathy Dausman & be sure to check in with Patty Dee regarding tunes you'd like to hear, as she is putting together the music for our gig.

Lunch $25 each
T-shirts $12 each

Also, get some suntan lotion, cuz SLO weather is BEAUTIFUL this time of year!!

SEE YOU ALL THERE--Only 3 weeks!

The Q-Crew: Chuck, Len, Paula, Patty and Ed